Enjoy your video, anytime anywhere.

The best video player on Android.


Support almost all Android devices with ARM and x86 architecture. Support almost all video format using SW decoding.

Media Libraies

MoboPlayer also focuses on enhanced media library, a novel Cover Flow mode added, more powerful and easy to use.

High-quality playback

Using dual decoding engine,With decoder specifically optimized for mobile devices, better playback performance and quality

More feature

Support almost popular subtitle format such as SRT,ASS,SSA.Support Multi-audio stream and multi-subtitle stream. Http and RSTP network video playback

Easy to use

Double-click to Pause , slide up and down to adjust the volume and brightness, press Menu to lock screen ,You can choose your favorite color and the picture as moboplayer background.

Floating Window

Floating Window playback when press Home key.The video can be played while texting and web browsing.You can drag Floating window to any position of any size.


  • Cover Flow

  • Playback

  • Floating Window

  • Thumbnails

  • Test

    On the pad device

Link Css

Move the plugin CSS file to your server and link to it in the head section of your document.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="yourplugin.css" />

Link JS

Move the plugin JS file to your server and link to it before the closing body tag.

Please note that you must include jQuery (v1.7 or later) before the slider JS file.

<script src="jquery-1.7.1.min.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.yourplugin.min.js"></script>

The Markup

Add the following markup

<ul class="thumbnails">
<li class="span4"> <a href="#" class="thumbnail"> <img src="http://placehold.it/360x268" alt=""> </a> </li>

Call Plugin

Just before the closing body tag (after any JS file includes), call the plugin with code below:

$(document).ready(function () {

Installation package download

You can pass the address below to download the update installation package:

If you are using x86 devices, please use the following address to download the update installation package:

If the installation process need help please click here:   Installation Help

Codec Pack Download

In order to make better use of the CPU capacity, we have optimized and built different video codec packages for different hardware platform. And Moboplayer will download and install codec package automatically. If your device couldn't connect the Internet, you can download and install the codec package from the right side link. For most of the Android devices you can run Moboplayer perfectly without install codec package.

MoboPlayer version:1.3.291 and later ones download here:

Codec Pack Download Description Download
ARM V5te_VFP Download
ARMV5te Download
ARM V6_VFP Download
ARM V7_NEON Download
ARM V7_VFP Download
ARM V7_VFPV3 Download

MoboPlayer version:1.3.290 and previous ones download here:

Codec Pack Download Description Download
ARM V5te_VFP Download
ARMV5te Download
ARM V6_VFP Download
ARM V6 Download
ARM V7_NEON Download
ARM V7_VFP Download
ARM V7_VFPV3 Download

If you download the file is zip format, set the file extension to .apk.

MoboPlayer dynamically linked to FFmpeg shared library,which was compiled to contain LGPL decoders and splitters only. Source codes can be downloaded from here.


In order to better enhance the playback and performance, we have compiled for different CPU with different versions. For ARM V7 version we optimized and compiled by making use of the ARMV7 CPU architecture, by fully enabling the NEON instruction set, it provide the best performance. Some devices do not support ARM V7 or NEON, so the V7 version will not work correctly. Currently, higher-end Android phones on the market are based on ARM V7 framework. So if you have a phone like above we recommend you that you select the ARM V7 version.
There is totally no need to convert the video on PC. Mobo uses the FFmpeg decoder, so in theory it can play almost any video format that ie. VLC Player can decode. The only limits are the device's performance, video resolution and bit rate. When the device's processing power is too low or video resolution is too large, images and sounds may be not synchronized. The conventional device (armv7 1G Hz) can play the video with a width of 1024 pixels smoothly in our tests.
There are different conditions that can cause this problem. An error may have occurred in the process of copying the video to a memory card, causing damage of the video file. It is also possible that Mobo tries to open a file which the system can identify, but it can't play when Mobo uses the system's built in hardware decoding. You can try, in the file list, to long press the specific file, and then in the pop-up context menu, select the soft decode and try playing it again. If problems stil occur, we kindly ask you to provide the failing file to us by the Feedback, we value your feedback very much.
The current Mobo version will not support mkv, mov container format which have built-in subtitle streams, but we will complete this feature as soon as possible. For external .srt and .ass subtitles, if it can't display, try to make the subtitle into UTF-8 format, if still doesn't work, we hope you to send it through Feedback, thank you very much.

The more problems you encountered in the use of moboplayer please contact usmobo@moboplayer.com


  • fixed: Stop player after minimize float window
  • fixed: Player's state was changed after set user-defined scale in pause state
  • fixed: Scan dialog will pop after cancel "scan all" for a while
  • fixed: Screen brightness dims when begin to adjust the brightness
  • fixed: Not scan media files in external storage connect by otg
  • fixed: Worked not well after unlock screen
  • fixed: Not quit player interface after finished to play part of media files
  • fixed: Play state is not coincident between float window and full screen mode
  • fixed: Play state is not coincident after user-defined player scale
  • fixed: Part of UI is not complete after change screen orientation
  • fixed: Scan option and media list is lost some times.
  • fixed: Play state are not concordant between floating window and full screen window sometimes
  • fixed: Screen can not be turned off after pause player in float window
  • fixed: Force close while play a video once again after hang up
  • fixed: No progress while download
  • fixed: No video was found out after quick scan on some devices
  • fixed: Some folders are duplicated or empty
  • fixed: Part of Android L devices could not load codec
  • fixed: Crash while enter main interface some times
  • fixed: Crash while start player from file explorer
  • fixed: support of Android L
  • added: part of x86 device can not been recognized
  • added: support of .sub and lrc file
  • Fixed: Some phones's external sdcard could not be scanned
  • Fixed: State was incorrect while resume player sometimes
  • Fixed: Float window deformed on some phones
  • Added: Home key to background play
  • Fixed: Some phones's external sdcard could not be scanned
  • Fixed: State was incorrect while resume player sometimes
  • Fixed: Float window deformed on some phones
  • Added: Home key to background play
  • Fixed: Part of UnionPay code was mistaken for virus
  • Fixed: Some small videos could not bo be scanned
  • Fixed: Part of UnionPay code was mistaken for virus
  • Fixed: Some small videos could not bo be scanned
  • Fixed: Can not keep screen on while playing some videos by float window
  • Fixed: Screen off automatic while adjust brightness to lowest
  • Fixed: Videos on otg external storage browsed by "Nexus Media Importer" could not be played
  • Fixed: Videos on MMS could not be played
  • Fixed: Some videos' sound could not decode by software
  • Added: Indonesia and Arabic translatio
  • Added: Restore float window's position and size
  • fixed: Can not download online video
  • fixed: Get wrong number of subtitle and audiotrack after scan
  • Added: Software decode audio and change audiotrack while hardware decode
  • Added: Optimize scanning process
  • fixed: Playback status confused after screen on and off
  • fixed: Quit after played 10 seconds in some devices
  • fixed: FC while scan part of videos
  • fixed: Pictures restore to origin size after changed by gesture
  • Added: Support for Android 4.3
  • Modified: Lock screen buttons can not be hidden
  • Modified: Black screen at startup time is too long
  • Modified: Progress adjustment by gesture is too sensitive
  • Modified: Force close while prompt user which codec package to download
  • Modified: Can't refresh file list at once after delete file
  • Modified: Can't hide the soft keys for some phones with system of 4.x
  • Modified: Can't hide the soft keys after lock screen
  • Modified: Lose the media info after remove sdcard
  • Modified: Forse close when open mobo sometimes
  • Added: Play all videos in a folder
  • Modified: Force close while share videos' info sometimes.
  • Modified: Could not show the toolbar while click player interface in part of devices
  • Modified: Lost the media library while unmount the sd card
  • Added: Recover the play state after hang up
  • Added: Screen off after paused player for a while
  • Added: Recover the play state while switch between the "normal interface" and "suspending window".
  • Added: Zoom the videos'picture in player interface by multipoint touch
  • Modified: New UI of Setting
  • Added: Features of sharing
  • Added: User-defined playback proportion
  • Added: Minimize the suspending window
  • Added: Setting of "save decode mode"
  • Added: New UI for selecting multiple video to play
  • Added: Save the progress of multiple player
  • Added: Online video resource
  • Added: Welcome interface
  • Added: Operate Moboplayer by Hisense remote control
  • Added: Multiwindow player(It is efficient for videos could be decoded by Hardware model)
  • Added: Hebrew translation
  • Added: Close the scanning interface automatic.
  • Modified: Some phones' silent mode was changed while adjust volume in player interface
  • Modified: Style of floating window;Progress bar to adjust the progress of video
  • Modified: Stop and close the suspending window while calling
  • Modified: Continue to play while the screen is unlocked.
  • fixed: No picture while Software-decoding in some devices
  • fixed: No picture while soft-decode on part of devices with Android 4.0 or 4.1
  • fixed: Part of Russian translation
  • fixed: Can't save the play state while checked "Continue to play while off-screen"
  • fixed: There's no picture while Soft-Decoding on part of device of android 4.1.1
  • fixed: Failed to parse some external subtitles
  • fixed: The setting interface is slur for part of devices
  • fixed: It is not timely after exchange the subtitle
  • Added: Search and download subtitles on line (Thanks for the subtitles of "opensubtitles")
  • Added: identification of charging
  • fixed: FC while playing online video
  • fixed: Can't show external subtitles of some videos
  • Added: Slovak language
  • Added: search local subtitles
  • Added: switch and adjust subtitles
  • fixed: Screen can't lock after playing some movies by hard decoding
  • fixed: Incorrect translation of Russian
  • Added: Portugal, French, German, Japanese. Russian and English has been improved
  • Added: download http video when http video playback
  • Added: optional ignore scan file when file's size lower than 5M in setting
  • fixed: sometimes FC when browse, scan or sort media files
  • fixed: sometimes recommended view wrong displayed
  • fixed: can not find memory card name with "external" and so on in scan all
  • fixed: hardware decode failed because of file path been convert to lowercase
  • fixed: ANR when delete file's in playlist after playing
  • Added: tips when using 3G
  • fixed: online video open repeatedly
  • fixed: incorrect sorting by some special file name
  • fixed: make a call after exit mobo may arise FC
  • Modified: replace background color
  • fixed: Remove useless permission requirements
  • fixed: English language text issues
  • fixed: FC when shown Floating Window on some device
  • Modified: new interface of recommended UI
  • Modified: remove the manual file refresh, it will automatically in the background to scan refresh
  • Modified: exclude unable to scan and less than 1M video file
  • Modified: remove the "quick scan" empty media directory
  • Added: user using the wizard
  • Added: player interface unlock button
  • Added: automatically hide the floating window toolbar
  • fixed: Floating window can not respond to key press
  • fixed: Floating window not display when playing music
  • fixed: Floating window can not return to the normal playback @ Android 4.x
  • fixed: Issues of can not install the codec package under Tegra 2 devices with Android 4.1
  • fixed: Deformed view under high-resolution mobile devices
  • fixed: The ratio of video changed when adjust Floating window
  • Added: Exit with kill the process completely in option
  • Added: Display a background picture when play music
  • Added: Floating Window playback when press Home key
  • Added: Double-click the Floating Window to pause
  • Added: Return to normal playback view by press logo on Floating Window
  • fixed: Suport Android 4.1
  • fixed: FC when scan some AVI files
  • fixed: support for Android 1.6
  • fixed: display error under low resolution
  • Added: Turkish support
  • fixed: External open end of the video player might occur after the FC bug
  • Modified: To simplify file encryption function
  • Added: Player interface, menu key lock screen lock screen orientation
  • Added: New android pad interface
  • Added: Hide the virtual keys android 4.0
  • Added: Andrews search "key to enter the search interface to increase the mobo the main interface
  • Added: Background shading settings
  • Added: support for Android 4.0
  • fixed: optimizer to reduce the probability of FC
  • fixed: play the last episode on a loop while playing next automatically in soft decode mode
  • fixed: file was scanned as a folder in intelligent scanning mode sometimes
  • fixed: some directory's list display incompletely in Media directory selection interface
  • fixed: list view can not sort
  • fixed: auto recognize when put the decode packet apk file into: sdcard/.mobo/library
  • fixed: m3u8 file support
  • fixed: repeat on subtitle & audio track
  • fixed: repeat on media directory and media files
  • fixed: loss of playing progress information in some cases
  • fixed: wrong list view position when return to the main interface
  • fixed: open the video from some other applications will not play
  • fixed: inaccurate when using the volume keys to skip
  • fixed: "the media file type" setting doesn't work when restart the software
  • fixed: list view show incorrect total length of time and part of the files do not show the length of time when in sub-directory
  • fixed: "show battery and movie information" setting does not take effect after restarting the software
  • Added: media folder's encryption
  • Added: delete media directory
  • Added: press "back" button to cancel "scan all"
  • Added: press currently selected sort type to sort between ascending and descending
  • Added: thumbnail loading animation
  • Modified: video's size incorrect when the size is too large
  • fixed: Scanning of incomplete information (no resolution like information))
  • fixed: Squares and coverflow list can not be sorted
  • fixed: FC after play a movie if enable "Save brightness and volume"
  • fixed: MediaLibraries and Movie items repeated
  • fixed: A lot of popup windows will be show if press at the right top button when there's no media library and media item
  • fixed: FC when press MENU in playlist interface sometimes
  • fixed: Items of playlist repeated sometimes
  • Added: Seek interval by percent
  • Added: change the file's name by long press at the item of grid view
  • Added: search local video file
  • Added: show the index of current page in main interface
  • Added: remember the file's last view location automatic
  • Added: add exit button in right top conner
  • Added: enhance support for m3u playlist
  • Added: default icon for music file
  • Added: smart scan media files
  • Modified: speed up files' scan
  • Modified: more convenient initial view
  • fixed: videos in playlist can not be played sequentially
  • fixed: when in media directory's sub directory skip to other view then return, not the same view
  • fixed: crash when play automatically
  • fixed: can not multi-check in media directory check view above Android 2.2
  • fixed: no response when long press in grid view
  • Added: memory brightness and volume setting automatically
  • Added: view for input and manage streaming media
  • Added: play automatically under hardware decode mode
  • Added: support for smi subtitles
  • Added: add playlist in playlist manage view by click menu
  • Added: double click quit setting
  • Added: switch grid view and list view by slide left or right
  • Modified: add file automatically in a new create playlist
  • Modified: promote when hardware decode fail then open with software decode mode
  • Optimized: playback performance and video compatibility have been improved
  • fixed: the screen been locked when play next episode automatically
  • fixed: the list can not be updated automatically when delete the files in list view
  • fixed: horizontal screen, long press the context menu to wrong selection
  • fixed: improve the function of continuous playback
  • fixed: the problems sorted by resolution
  • fixed: close the application causes exception when prompt is not hidden
  • fixed: some video files can not be jumped when play
  • fixed: the display problems under high-resolution devices such as pad
  • Added: Russian language support [thanks Максим Соболев translation, if he came to China, welcome with beer]
  • Added: can disable play automatically in setting
  • Added: Tegra 2 platform support
  • Added: ARM V5 device support [thanks to the Yuandao digital to provide tech support]
  • Added: check the CPU platform and download the corresponding codec package automatically [thanks to "Web Life" network streaming provide]
  • Modified: cancel V6 VFP version and add the universal version
  • Modified: increase the brightness's adjustment range
  • Modified: mp3 is not media files by default
  • fixed: conflict with some launcher softwares
  • fixed: files' name can't be displayed correctly when rotate between landscape and portrait
  • fixed: some files' play completed crash
  • fixed: crashed when popup window shown but close app
  • Added: player extended panel
  • Added: change color randomly at start
  • Added: support left, right channel switch and mute
  • Added: pop-up prompt when media directory didn't set
  • Added: prompt when load dynamic library exception
  • Modified: color selection interface more easy to use
  • Modified: show "help us" when firstly use
  • fixed: sometimes show FC when start, scan or sort files
  • Optimized: media library time is shorter
  • Optimized: thumbnail's display have been speeded up, and more smoothly on list view slipping
  • Added: modify the style of pop-up menu, more beautiful and easy to use
  • Added: allow to modify the main interface's background color
  • Added: show the playlist has been created
  • Added: display thumbnails cascaded in landscape
  • Added: prompted to select when playing with multiple audio, subtitles file
  • Added: support for Media Library Classification display
  • Added: continuous playback
  • Added: memory a file's brightness and sound setting individually
  • Added: option to off the "gesture adjust the brightness and sound"
  • Modified: open file in media library interface directly
  • Modified: move the setting button to pop-up menu
  • fixed: show FC exception when touch on loading screen
  • fixed: some files can not adapt to the resolution automatically in hardware decode
  • fixed: media file can not load subtitles and record the played time when open from file manager
  • fixed: last played videos and played time exist after empty the record
  • fixed: should pop-up one time when press the menu button at playing
  • fixed: volume key to adjust the volume or play progress
  • fixed: show exception when return to main menu after empty the media library
  • fixed: show exception when delete movies in list
  • fixed: the default software decode can not be saved when checked in setting
  • fixed: wrong words in help
  • fixed: sometimes directly quit program but not return main menu in software decode mode
  • fixed: performance degradation caused by package build issues
  • fixed: do not display internal subtitles when played by press menu long
  • fixed: FC exception is raised by few ass internal subtitles
  • fixed: internal subtitles can not show newline
  • fixed: FC exception is raised by turn off the screen when use software decode
  • fixed: ARM V6 version prompts error
  • fixed: buttons can not be displayed properly when switch screen vertical or horizontal
  • fixed: prompts can not auto-disappear in hardware decode
  • Modified: the display font and style on brightness
  • Optimized: optimize the boot process, faster boot
  • Feature: press the menu button to hide the toolbar under list view or grid view interface
  • Feature: display battery icon and percentage together, click text to hide percentage
  • Feature: add the rtsp protocol support
  • Feature: turn off the lock screen prompts in setting
  • Feature: long press on directory, add files in it to playlist
  • Feature: long press on file, add file to playlist
  • Feature: play files in playlist and auto-play next one, and if return manual next one play stop
  • Feature: support to play streaming media in browser[to be tested]
  • Feature: support for open m3u playlist
  • Feature: add media file type selection setting, unselected media file types will not be scanned
  • Feature: set hardware decode or software decode for specified media file type
  • Feature: play rm file with software decode by default
  • Feature: re-define the volume key to as fast forward
  • Known bug: only support local m3u file playback, do not support http m3u file
  • Optimized: accelerate the media files thumbnail's generation speed
  • fixed: can not use the file manager in few systems
  • fixed: some items in the file list show FC exception when long press the menu
  • fixed: can not get version update when login with test account which is not registered
  • Modified: move media directory in setting to the file setting optionally
  • Modified: the volume show more clearly
  • Modified: change mob's icon
  • Added: prompt when the software version inconsistent with CPU
  • Added: support mp4, mkv, mov format's built-in ass, ssa, srt subtitles' display under software decode mode
  • Added: jump with keyboard left and right buttons and space to pause
  • Added: screen rotation support when video being play(check in setting)
  • Added: display audio stream and subtitle streams information in file's property
  • Added: choose the audio stream and subtitle stream you want to play in the file's property dialog
  • Added: select the subtitle encoding manually
  • Added: add operation instructions view at first time use
  • Added: show update contents and release time in version update
  • Added: re-play from the beginning when the playback completed
  • Added: display prompts When screen being lock or unlock
  • Added: add jump button when slide left to right, add click to complete jump
  • Added: display current playback time and power state at bottom when press key or touch screen under lock mode
  • Added: add three display states under lock mode: nothing, progress, progress and text
  • fixed: some files of rmvb no audio when playback[thanks 旨旨, Neoman and so on for providing the samples]
  • fixed: some files of rmvb screen mess when playing at the first seconds
  • fixed: can not save the adjust of brightness[thanks laoben and so on for your feedback]
  • fixed: the files can not be played by opening with file manager[thanks 旨旨's feedback again]
  • fixed: the player interface's background color is not black when using hardware decoding in some phones
  • Modified: decrease the default sensitivity of the volume gestures[thanks sina:Garfield2013 and so on]
  • Modified: skip the register or log in step
  • Modified: words wrong were fixed, and the FC may appear be fixed
  • Feature: create the file thumbnails or not in setting, this can improve the media library's scan speed[thanks MapleFater]
  • Feature: set the media files' default display styles: List or Grid
  • Feature: play with soft decoding by default
  • Feature: support for .m4v file[thanks LeOn's advice]
  • Feature: set the sensitivity of gestures response
  • Optimized: improve video output performance, the number of frames have increased 20%+ compared to the previous version
  • Optimized: use the new synchronization algorithm to ensure that simulcast audio and video perfection
  • Feature: added media directory settings
  • Feature: added automatically create movie thumbnails
  • Feature: added the loading interface when open the media file
  • Feature: added the information movie resolution and full time in list view
  • Feature: judge file formats smartly, automatic call software decoding or hardware decoding for playback
  • Feature: added show media library thumbnails
  • Feature: added sort the file at list view and thumbnail view
  • Feature: added display only media files and show hidden files option in setting
  • Feature: added color in circular play button to show the current video played time, blue color represent the played time
  • Feature: for high-resolution video, thumbnails added "HD" tag
  • Feature: sort files can support: file name, modification time, size, path, resolution and full movie time
  • Feature: record last sort method, it will sort by the method when you open next time
  • Feature: added speed slider at list view
  • Feature: added ass/ssa subtitles format support
  • Feature: added 16:9 and 4:3 two kinds of video display proportion
  • Feature: press the menu key to activate the screen lock, normal and screen operation still work when locked, again press menu to unlock
  • Feature: added effect after press the add button
  • Feature: when press the play button in the list view, play video base the last play records
  • Feature: double-click the player interface to pause
  • Feature: automatically fit the best video display resolution
  • Feature: displays the file name at player interface
  • Feature: when the hardware decoder playback error, promote to use soft decoding
  • Feature: sliding up and down at the right side of player interface to adjust the volume
  • Feature: sliding up and down at the left side of player interface to adjust the brightness
  • Feature: sliding left and right at the player interface to adjust the play time, click on the top right corner to confirmation jump
  • Feature: record screen brightness automatically, restore the record brightness when back
  • Feature: added support for http protocol
  • Feature: added clear media library option in setting
  • Feature: added version update check
  • Feature: when press the volume key show a view to adjust the volume
  • Modified: list view in landscape mode with a different layout
  • Modified: charge and time's display style
  • Modified: updated FFmpeg decoding library used
  • fixed: some ac3 audios playback crash in neon version
  • fixed: some rv videos can not syn because the timestamp is not correct
  • fixed: some srt subtitle files can not be resolved, subtitles can not display
  • fixed: when playing in some mobile phones the screen brightness will change again and again
  • fixed: press the volume key but it adjust the phone ring
  • fixed: when decoding capacity is insufficient if pause but the video still play
  • fixed: several small bugs fixed